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I will only talk about the BL storyline since I only watched In và Sun’s scenes and because it was mentioned that it’s supposed to lớn be a separate story from Oh and Peach.

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Is the plot of In và Sun realistic? For the most part, yes. It is not mandatory for the story to lớn be realistic but the series tackles an important real-life dilemma of gay teenagers, that is, falling in love with a straight friend. The charm of In & Sun’s arc relies on a real human problem that many viewers would find relatable.The spark between In và Sun kicks off with an eye tương tác scene. It is very cliche but the music, lighting and slow motion effect made it so dreamy. It’s just exquisite. That scene is the very definition of love at first sight. It’s one of the scenes that I will never forget.Unlike most bầu BL series, this one featured a legitimate gay character in the khung of Sun. He’s not necessarily effeminate or feminine but the writers throw the usual stereotypes khổng lồ his personality lượt thích reading gay novels & watching gay movies. He is not portrayed as a boy who likes girls until In entered his life. He is attracted only lớn boys and, above all, he knows who he really is & he can admit it to lớn himself.A character like Sun is one of the fundamental elements missing in most boy-to-boy romance nowadays. Mainstream BL series are obsessed with protagonists who are labeled as straight và who are masculine in nature. There is an irrational thrill in watching boys chasing after boys yet still over up being straight. The existence of Sun’s character (among others like Thee in Hormones & Rome in Puppy Honey) is another step forward for me.On the contrary, we have the typical BL personality in the character of In who at first likes girls, then becomes in denial and then becomes confused. After all what he feels becomes clear khổng lồ him, he still doesn’t want khổng lồ be categorized with any label. It’s far from real but it is an appropriate balance khổng lồ Sun’s character.In is introduced as a bully. In the middle, he becomes a loner. After that, he is a great friend to Sun. Towards the end, he becomes a heartless, inconsiderate jerk. His character is all over the place. The script has failed to define who In is. As mentioned in the series, he can do anything và be anything he wants to be. He just doesn’t know it yet và that’s exactly what I feel about him. I wish he had more scenes projecting his point of view so that the audience know what he really thinks of Sun & their situation. His strongest moment is when he was talking khổng lồ Ainam when Sun didn’t show up in the tutorial class because it shows a glimpse of his perspective.There are dialogues in the series that are really precious. The confessions are genuine. The rejections are harsh but honest. The arguments presented by the characters are truthful yet sincere. The meaningful conversations are mostly driven by Ainam. She is portrayed as a level-headed & logical person but at the same time she is compassionate. Instead of being the hindrance that the viewers expect her to lớn be, she turns out khổng lồ be instrumental to In & Sun’s relationship.Throughout the show, Pluem has fared well in terms of acting but he wasn’t given much opportunities to lớn explore his emotions deeply. On the other hand, I thought Chimon is excellent. His acting is subtle but you can feel the inner pain and struggle. That tear falling after he got rejected is heartbreaking. He has a certain depth on the way he interprets the emotions without being exaggerated.Despite the plot’s weakness, it is very evident that their chemistry is extraordinary. They are the only BL couple that I can think of who can pull off matching outfits. It’s just effortless. They are so cute & adorable that you want their relationship to succeed.Is it a happy ending? Yes & no. I can say that the story of In và Sun in the series finishes on a high note but the process lớn get there is emotionally exhausting. Sun’s point of view is very clear. I love how he tried so hard lớn keep a distance from In. Falling in love with a straight friend is a dead end. It is a losing battle. For me, this is where the moral of the story lies. No matter how much it hurts, walking away is the most rational & bravest move you could ever do when you fall for a straight friend. There is no other escape but lớn accept that some things are not meant to be và I applaud Sun for having the strength và courage to do that at such a young age.The deciding factor whether it is a happy or sad ending depends on In. After getting confused và realizing that it is Sun who truly makes him happy, he has decided lớn give in và do whatever it takes to keep Sun by his side even if that meant being in a relationship with him. What falls short for me is how the resolution was executed. In’s character development is the weakest point because it was done abruptly. I wish his confusion was given more focus. It’s a bit scattered. The resolution felt lượt thích forced. As a result, there is no solid conclusion.In the end, what matters most is Sun’s happiness because that’s what we all want. I see a great giảm giá of myself in Sun. I found myself in his situation more than once in my life. That is why I’m rooting for him. Seeing him happy is a good enough ending for me.Is the ending sustainable? In và Sun are still young. They are at the edge of 17. So far, what was established is a strong emotional connection between the two of them. We have yet khổng lồ find out what will happen when their hormones start lớn kick in. If the writers stick lớn what is realistic, anything could happen. I had issues on how GMMTV heavily advertised In & Sun but I hope they will not put the new ship lớn waste. Pluem và Chimon’s chemistry is undeniable. Indeed, the ship is sailing. We need a season 2.

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At first, I did not include the My Dear Loser installment, which I also refer lớn as the Second Cloud (read Look Up At The “Skyy” lớn learn about the term “Cloud”) in my original schedule of watching bầu series simply because I couldn’t fit it anymore. However, when it turned out that the show that I wanted lớn watch did not have any available clips for me lớn watch, I made the decision khổng lồ include the Second Cloud & extend my original schedule. I think it was also a good choice because in the end, I also got khổng lồ watch Our Skyy EP 2, which I did not initially plan lớn watch, as I’ve mentioned previously.

The My Dear Loser installment consists of three parts: Edge of 17, Monster Romance, and Happy Ever After. Unlike Senior Secret Love, the three stories of My Dear Loser actually interconnect và flow into each other. The way it works is a bit lượt thích in SKAM, where the first part has a main character who becomes a side character in the succeeding parts. The side characters introduced in the first part later become main characters in the next part.

On the first part of the installment, we have Edge of 17.

Oh & Peach take a photo together. Photo courtesy of GMMTV.

My đánh giá and Thoughts (Spoilers!)

I have to admit. At the first episode, I got bored & a bit annoyed. One reason could be because the episodes are divided into five parts instead of four, so each episode are longer than typical shows I’ve watched. However, as the series progressed, I found it interesting & I started liking it.

I have to say as well that Oh’s mannerisms were exaggerated that they felt annoying to lớn me. The voice shaking, the weird facial expressions, và the weird movements bothered me, along with the lies he made to lớn his mother. I would say that these factors also influenced my initial skepticism of this series. However, as the series progressed & as Oh’s character began khổng lồ develop, he lost these annoying actions. Going out of the plot for a while, this just proves that Nanon is a great actor, able to portray Oh with very weird actions và Oh who has changed. I also have lớn say that Nanon looked so different from EP 1 vs. During his changed look.

Oh’s jaw drops as he witnesses Peach undress. Photo courtesy of GMMTV.

For a show rated for General Audience, the bullying scenes in this show, though exaggerated, were still disturbing. Also, Copper’s hatred towards Oh was ridiculous. Copper caused Oh to be in trouble yet he was still the one angry at Oh for not wanting to his new dirty work. I found it very bothering that the school also turns a blind eye to the bullying committed by Copper, while Oh was subjected lớn a two-week suspension because he fought back, just because Copper’s uncle is the school director, showing to lớn us the dangers of nepotism. In addition, none of the teachers and students, except Sun, Ainam, and eventually In, ever helped Oh or alleviated his situation.

Overall, I felt that Copper was mostly an empty character.

Copper & his gang strip Oh naked in front of many students. Photo courtesy of GMMTV.

One good thing about Oh is that if he’s motivated, he will really pursue it. During the thai Language Day, where Ms Jitra’s class were assigned to help the Drama Club perform, he heads the making of the props. He even memorizes the whole drama script & helps Peach whenever Copper was too busy minding his own business. During the play, he helps Copper when he forgot the line, though it was more of saving Peach, rather than Copper, from embarrassment.

Oh helps Peach in practicing for the drama play. Photo courtesy of GMMTV.

Oh’s mother is a very typical Asian mother. She always nagged at Oh, such as when it came to lớn his grades và household chores. Asians can agree with me if she reminds them of their mothers or aunts. Despite all that, I know that Oh’s mom loves him, such as filling up their refrigerator with food for the brain. I found one of their scenes heartwarming when she said that she và Oh’s father tried so much just khổng lồ have Oh. That’s how she knew that Oh isn’t a loser và that Oh shouldn’t allow others to call & treat him lượt thích that.

Oh’s mother is thankful khổng lồ have a son lượt thích Oh. Photo courtesy of GMMTV.

With his encounter with Pong, Jack, Jued, và On during his suspension and his semestral break, Oh has undergone a major realization và a change in both appearance and (more importantly) his character. They were very instrumental as his time with his newfound motorbike gang friends has helped him be tougher. He was able to build his self-confidence to lớn the point that he does not need to cower in fear every time something scary happens. Also, the interactions between Oh và the four, especially Jack, were funny! There’s no question about Nicky, who portrayed Jack, that his humor is off the charts.

Pong, Jack, và Jued take Oh on their motorbikes. Photo courtesy of GMMTV.

What I lượt thích about the portrayal of Oh’s big change is that it was realistic. Many shows involving a bullied kid who becomes stronger are often portrayed as being better than their bully all the time in many skills. Here, this did not happen. Two scenes illustrated this. During the tryouts for the running sự kiện of Sports’ Day, Oh và Copper went head-to-head but Oh didn’t win immediately. The second scene was the fight in the beach, where Oh fought back but did not win the fight. Regarding that beach fight, I have khổng lồ say that Oh made a mistake. Just because Peach was mad at Copper didn’t mean that Oh should take a chance at her. Peach and Copper hadn’t broken up yet so Oh was wrong as well.

Oh is left at the beach after being beaten up by Copper. Photo courtesy of GMMTV.

Peach was a bit of an empty character for me at the majority of the series. It’s as if her role was just a prize for Oh to win after he changed himself. I didn’t like how weak she was when it came to Copper. Witnessing how Copper bullied Oh, she didn’t even try lớn stop him, even when it was just Copper forcing Oh doing his and her homework. When Copper stripped Oh naked in front of many students, she did nothing but stare in disbelief, not even bothering khổng lồ stop him. She should have realized that if Copper can bởi vì those things khổng lồ other people, what more if it were her? When her friend asked if Oh had any desirable qualities, she wasn’t able to lớn answer. She could have at least said that he was lovely. After all, that the only thing she consistently said khổng lồ him.

Oh shows Peach how lớn solve a Rubik’s Cube under one minute. Photo courtesy of GMMTV.

Part of me, however, felt sorry for her situation whenever she was hated unnecessarily just because jealous girls weren’t given attention by Copper. Also, Peach & Copper were almost always paired up for the school’s interest, such as the drama play and in school posters.

Nevertheless, Peach wasn’t completely empty. It was through her that Oh was able to pass the exam when he couldn’t go to lớn school due to his suspension. She was able to realize herself that maybe, Copper wasn’t the right person for her. During the Sports’ Day events, Oh was also able to lớn influence her in their teams’ cheerleading routine when he told her to lớn look around for ideas, where she saw Oh’s mushroom shirt & created a Mario-like skit.

The Mario-styled skit of the cheerleaders of the blue team was actualized by Peach, who was inspired of Oh. Photo courtesy of GMMTV.

The final conflict between Oh & Peach felt confusing. One minute, you have Oh angry at Peach when he misunderstood Copper’s surprise for her during Valentine’s day. Then the next, you have Peach being angry at Oh all of a sudden because Oh called her insincere & she found that he was Pipeman. It felt like the shifting of the anger was too quick. Nevertheless, the two have come khổng lồ understand each other & had a motorcycle ride together. It was kind of nice lớn see some elements of the old Oh, such as his squeals, when he was with Peach at the bench.

After they reconcile, Oh takes Peach on a motorbike ride. Photo courtesy of GMMTV.

Sun is a precious boy who did not think twice of helping Oh when no one else did. Unlike Oh, Sun wasn’t as weak as him và was already able khổng lồ stand his ground in some way. Though he was also bullied by Copper & his gang, he was also able to lớn look at him straight in the eye và not cower. No wonder why Ainam, their friend, fell in love with him. When In is kicked out of Copper’s group và joined Oh, Ainam, and Sun, Sun is able to influence him to be a better person. It’s also In’s character as well to lớn blend with the people around him.

In invites Sun lớn stay for the whole break. Photo courtesy of GMMTV.

In & Sun’s family situations, which I felt sorry for, are similar in some way. That could have been a factor on why they were able khổng lồ get close with each other. In’s parents are always busy, barely having enough time for him except during the stage play. Sun’s parents are the same but he lived with his aunt, who was so strict và annoying, especially when she snooped in khổng lồ Sun’s stuff and threatened to lớn tell his parents his true sexuality. During Sun’s stay at In’s, they are able lớn bond and get lớn know each other. In’s parents even praise Sun for being a good influence on their son.

In and Sun look for limes as they cook. Photo courtesy of GMMTV.

A person lượt thích Ainam is someone we need in life. She is a competent class captain và a great friend to lớn Oh, In, & Sun. She’s so supportive of them as seen when she kept congratulating In và Sun for their roles in the play. Unlike Peach, I liked her character more because she was fuller in terms of traits. She is ready to defend her friends from adversaries, which made me lượt thích her headstrong personality.

Ainam takes a photo with In và Sun. Photo courtesy of GMMTV.

The situation of In, Sun, và Ainam was a legit love triangle. Ainam liked Sun, Sun liked In, và In liked both Ainam và Sun, initially denying his feelings for the latter. This made their love stories a little bit more complex than the love arrow of Oh, Peach, and Copper. What I liked about Ainam is that she understood that Sun was different và that he only saw her as a good friend. In this triangle, I felt sad for Sun because he cared a lot about his friends, especially In. When In told him at the night of their trip that he liked Ainam và wanted his help, that was heartbreaking for Sun. The next morning when In ignored the shirt labeled “In” that matches with Sun’s was a big blow to him as well.

Nevertheless, Sun still helped In in pursuing Ainam, even if this meant hurting himself. I liked when Sun called out In that he was getting hurt because In was so dense, not caring about Sun’s feelings for him. Ainam rejected In because he couldn’t answer her question on why he loved her. Ainam eventually made In realize that he wanted Sun khổng lồ be with him. Ainam was even so helpful lớn set the two up so they could talk. Even in Oh và Peach’s situation, Ainam also encouraged Peach lớn talk to lớn Oh. She deserved lớn have someone! A person this helpful, understanding, mature, và determined should have been rewarded with a loving person!

Sun calls out In for being inconsiderate of his feelings. Photo courtesy of GMMTV.

The realistic part about In and Sun’s talk about their feelings is that they acknowledged their confusions. They did not label their relationship immediately, which I personally thought had good & bad sides. The good side to that is that they had time to know each other deeply. In contrast, other couples quickly decide to lớn be partners even if they don’t know each other very well. The bad side to lớn this is mentioned by Sun himself. If In meets someone he likes, it will complicate things. Also, a label on a relationship makes it more authentic and increases the exclusivity. I agreed with Sun that they had to label their relationship very soon.

Sun must have watched too much dramas because he already wanted In lớn flirt with him, khổng lồ which In hilariously failed khổng lồ do! The good thing out of this is that they planned to get to know each other better.

In confesses his feelings to lớn Sun. Photo courtesy of GMMTV.

Takeaway Lessons

1. Progress is attained and maintained.

To progress khổng lồ something is a very joyful feeling. We all want lớn reach a certain cấp độ in life, don’t we? Whether it’s in academics, business, career, family, or relationships, our goal is lớn succeed. Progression lớn achieving success is great; maintaining it is difficult. For Oh, his success lied on the fact that he was able to lớn transition from a wimpy kid to lớn someone who is more self-confident. That was great for Oh. But when he was beaten up by Copper by the beach when he tried lớn fight him, he was disheartened, worsened by what he witnessed from Peach that night. He was so disheartened that he just wanted to regress back to his old “loser” self.

Mr Benz tells Oh that no one wants to be a loser forever. Photo courtesy of GMMTV.

However, upon hearing this, Mr Benz told him that no one wants to lớn be a loser forever. What he said was very true. We should not let others judge us just because we fell down. More importantly, we shouldn’t let them vì chưng that without doing anything. It’s okay to fall down every once in a while. Nobody ever said that progress is linear. We can rest, but never stop. One way or another, we must find in ourselves the drive that will make us change for the better. Oh, for example, was able khổng lồ finally become a tỷ lệ thoát athlete. Having a motivation is better because it gives us inspiration on what we are fighting for in the first place.

Oh gives Peach his medal from Sports’ Day. Photo courtesy of GMMTV.

2. Know what you really want.

This lesson applies well from In’s experience. In case you haven’t noticed, In was—is still—indecisive. He was a chameleon that blended in the surrounding environment. When he was with Copper’s group, he was a bully just lượt thích them. When he got kicked out and joined Ainam, Sun, và Oh, he became kinder và more pragmatic just like them. Also, whenever he was with Sun, he would often let Sun decide for him. At one point, they even had matching shirts, watches, shorts, & shoes. During the Sports’ Day, he joined the cheerleaders because Sun was there. That seemed cute & all, but indecisiveness can have drawbacks.

Sun helps In vị the cheerleading poses. In joined because of Sun. Photo courtesy of GMMTV.

In feels something for both Ainam và Sun. Even if he initially chose Ainam, he knew that what he felt for Sun was no joke. He knew, & Sun even told him, that what he was doing was hurting Sun. Ainam eventually made In realize what his feelings for Sun were and even helped them khổng lồ talk about their feelings.

Ainam makes In realize that Sun really does make him feel happy. Photo courtesy of GMMTV.

Going with the flow works sometimes, but sometimes it doesn’t. Just because everybody is doing it doesn’t mean that it’s the right thing. For example, if people around you are taking prohibited drugs, it doesn’t mean that you should vày it to. It’s important to have a stand or at least a position on something. You can cosplay your mind for the time being, but sooner rather than later, you must come up with a final decision.

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My Dear Loser: Edge of 17 gives us a view that people who consider themselves losers will never remain losers. They will have their own time to shine, just like Oh. For the next part, we will get to lớn focus on the characters of Pong, Jack, Jued, and On on My Dear Loser: trùm cuối Romance.

Memorable Quotes

“If you chiến bại after you have tried your best, you will only need lớn embrace the loss with your smile because you already gave it your all. But don’t ever let anyone judge you and tell you what you are without doing anything”

Mr Benz to Oh, EP 8 (rough translation from Thai to lớn English)

“Follow your heart. Whatever makes you happy, just vày it.”