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Freddie Highmore is one of those actors you know you"ve seen before, but you just can"t place him. Kiểm tra out what he did before The Good Doctor.

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When an actor gets into character, they do more than rehearse their lines in their head và prepare lớn move on certain cues. An actor has to momentarily abandon their own personality, thoughts, and mannerisms khổng lồ become a completely different individual. The best actors tend to lớn study their characters, and some take on their new personalities much longer than when they are in front of the camera. Freddie Highmore is becoming one of the better actors who does this. On The Good Doctor, Highmore plays a surgical resident with autism. He told Digital Spy that he is constantly learning and researching, so that he can be as true khổng lồ his character as possible. People who have autism, or are close khổng lồ someone who does, find Highmore's performance spectacular, & they are able to connect to Dr. Murphy.

Even in his earlier years, Highmore often played characters to which others could relate. His soft nature and boyish smile makes people either lượt thích him or want to be lượt thích him. Before he played the blunt genius on The Good Doctor, check out where else you likely know Highmore from.

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Highmore plays the innocent and wise-beyond-his-years Raoul in the adventurous film, Two Brothers. He befriends a tiger cub for some time, though his mother is hesitant about a "dangerous creature" being so close lớn her baby boy. When his mother's yappy dog and the cub get into a fight, the cub is taken away and given to lớn the prince. A year later, Raoul notices his former tiger friend is in a cage during a festival, và he is heartbroken khổng lồ find out that the adolescent tiger is supposed to fight another tiger (who is discovered to lớn be his brother).

After the tigers recognize one another, they manage khổng lồ escape into the festival. Raoul catches up with them & instructs his friend to lớn run away và never return to lớn the city. The moment shared between a boy & his tiger friend is sweet, and Raoul knew that it was for the best khổng lồ let his friend go.

Before Tinkerbell's magic pixie dust could make children fly alongside Peter Pan, young ones had to lớn get creative & allow their imaginations lớn run wild. Highmore stars alongside Johnny Depp và Kate Winslet as the young Peter Llewelyn Davies, who is skeptical of his mother's illness, in Finding Neverland.

J. M. Barrie (Depp) takes a liking khổng lồ the Llewelyn Davies family, và he finds inspiration in the creative stories & adventures he goes on with Sylvia's four sons. Peter is unlike his brothers in the sense that he knows something is not right. He previously lost his father, & now with his mother sick, Peter believes all adults are lying to him about what is going on.

Barrie tries khổng lồ walk the fine line of being an honest adult in Peter's life, but he also wants lớn help the young man enjoy his childhood through silly stories và games. In the end, Peter và Barrie size a strong connection due to the fact they were able to lớn help one another when they were both in need of a friend.

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After Highmore & Depp parted ways on the mix of Finding Neverland, the young actor wished he could see Depp again, per IGN, và that wish came true once he landed the lead role in the remake of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Highmore plays the titular character, who finds a golden ticket that permits him into the mysterious chocolate factory owned by the peculiar Willy Wonka (Depp). Charlie, along with four other children & their guardians, enters the unusual factory, believing they are on a simple tour that has a prize at the end.

Little vì chưng they know, Wonka has strategically planned out how the children will go about the tour, and those who are greedy, rude, or ungrateful find themselves booted from the event. Charlie is the only one who makes it through the whole factory, and to Wonka's delight, he gets handed the keys khổng lồ the factory. However, Charlie declines the prize due to him not wanting lớn leave his family behind. Charlie teaches Wonka that forgiveness goes a long way, and success comes in many forms.

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The simplicity of childhood is often forgotten as we grow up, create our own families, & get lost in our career fields. For a middle-aged Max Skinner in A Good Year, he is forced khổng lồ think back to lớn his younger days when he inherits his uncle's vineyard where he spent his summers as a boy. The film starts with a young Max, played by Highmore, learning lớn enjoy the best life has khổng lồ offer on his Uncle Henry's estate.

The two spend their summers drinking fine wine, playing chess, and telling stories. Uncle Henry was trying lớn impose on his nephew that life is too short lớn not take the time to enjoy the finer things it has to lớn offer. When Max grows up (and Russell Crowe takes over the character) và is told that he has inherited his late uncle's estate, he has flashbacks khổng lồ his childhood where he learned some important lessons that contradict his current way of living.

Though Evan (Highmore) was born khổng lồ two brilliant musicians in August Rush, he is made to live out the beginning of his life in an all-boys orphanage. Evan's mother was told by her own father that the baby did not make it through the birth, and Evan's father was never made aware of his possible existence. Evan, on the other hand, has a gut feeling that both of his parents are searching for him, & he takes it upon himself to lớn find them.

Evan leaves the orphanage và discovers the endless possibilities in thủ đô new york City. He meets other musically gifted children, a manipulative paternal figure, và a young girl with the voice of an angel who takes him in. A pastor discovers that Evan is a musical prodigy, và he takes the eleven-year-old to lớn Julliard. After some mishaps và more running away, Evan makes his concert debut in Central Park. Both of his parents make their way to the stage during his performance, & there is magic in the air while Evan concludes his rhapsody.

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Highmore's acting skills were put lớn the demo in the fantasy film, The Spiderwick Chronicles, when he was solely cast as twin brothers, Jared and Simon Grace. The boys are opposite in most ways other than their looks: Jared is adventurous & very mở cửa with his opinions, while Simon is more gentle-natured và skeptical. They, along with their sister and divorced mother, move into the abandoned (and magical) Spiderwick estate. Jared goes on an adventure through the house & discovers a Book that tells all about the magical creatures in the world.

Jared's family originally does not believe him, but once each thành viên finds themselves faced with magical creatures, their attitudes change. Jared và Simon get mixed up with a myriad of mythical creatures, và they must phối aside their differences to lớn help one another escape. By the kết thúc of the movie, Jared takes a better liking to lớn his new home, and he discovers the importance of appreciating one's family.

This underrated romantic comedy film, The Art of Getting By, stars Highmore và Emma Roberts as passively rebellious teenagers in high school. Highmore plays George, a senior who lacks all sense of motivation, và Roberts perfectly represents the mysterious too-cool-for-school girl, Sally. After the two form an unlikely friendship, George finds himself wanting to vì chưng better. His principal gives him an ultimatum: be expelled or complete all of his missed schoolwork to be eligible for graduation.

After thinking it over, George goes with the second option. He gets to work on daily grades và tests, but his art teacher asks for a single project that has meaning behind it. This becomes George's biggest hurdle. With his crush on Sally not going as he planned, George's motivation wavers. He learns to lớn channel his feelings into his art, và by the grand reveal, he has something he is proud of.

Bates Motel is equal parts intriguing & creepy. Based as a modern-day prequel lớn Alfred Hitchcock's film, Psycho, this psychological thriller series is where most people see the dark side of Highmore. Lớn tap into the mind of a serial killer is one thing, but lớn make the audience believe that each kill và psychotic break is justified, is difficult khổng lồ pull off.

Highmore stars as Norman Bates, a seemingly troubled teenager with an overbearing mother. Fans desperately want to lượt thích Norman, and many truly do, but when his kills turn from accidental và protective to lớn methodically planned out, it is difficult lớn watch the otherwise awkward teenager go through his "normal" life. Unfortunately, as the series progresses, Norman begins to đại bại sight of his own personality.

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Freddie Highmore can check another accomplishment off his career to-do list: reaching 100 episodes of a TV show. The actor & producer crosses the threshold with Monday"s episode ofThe Good Doctor, and he sat down with ET in the thủ đô new york offices where he reflected on themilestone.

It’s kind of insane to realize that we’ve reached that milestone và that we’ve done a hundred episodes," Highmore told ET."I guess in today’s world it’s just increasingly rare to be able to lớn get to that point so overwhelming. I think we just feel very lucky & fortunate that people have kept wanting lớn tune in & watch these stories that we"retrying to lớn tell."

"Filming the 100th episode, I think, was at the same time very meaningful và poignant because it was like, "Oh, we’ve reached this milestone," & at the same time just felt lượt thích every other episode because you put the same care & dedication and sort of routine into it that you always do," he continued. Only this time, Highmore added, there were "a few cupcakes và a slightly bigger cake."

"It’s just a reflection,not really on the actorsbut as much as anything, the whole crew & everything that they’ve put into being there," Highmore credited.

The Good Doctor"s 100th episode, titled "Hot và Bothered," finds Highmore"s Dr. Shaun Murphy and the rest of the doctors dealing with a heat wave. Shaun and
Dr. Danica Powell (Savannah Welch)are at odds when it comes to their patient"s surgery, with their heated stalemate testing
Shaun"s patience and his willingness khổng lồ compromise. It also continues Shaun"s evolution as he navigates married life with Lea (Paige Spara).

"It’s a pretty big year for Shaun in terms of his relationships with other people, obviously Lea. He just got married, so they are starting to lớn have those conversations again about starting a family, whether that’s what they want are they able to vì that," Highmore said, adding one of the "joys" of playing Shaun is portraying "someone who has changed so much over the course of six seasons."

"The other thing that’s come from his marriage is this necessary impact it had on Shaun & Dr. Glassman. Dr. Glassman’s alwaysbeen the most important person in Shaun"s life -- his mentor, his father figure. & now the center of Shaun"s world is no longer him but it is Lea,and I think it’s going tobe a big season of change for the two of them as they try & figure out và reestablish the boundaries andrulesthat govern that relationship và what that means for them."

But the probability ofThe Good Doctor staying on TV for 100 more episodes seems unlikely, at least according khổng lồ Highmore.

"Not really," Highmore said with a laugh when asked about whether he"s envisioned reaching the even rarer TV accomplishment of 200 episodes."It just feels lượt thích a complete rarity to get to 100 and we"ll be finishing up with this season.And then, I guess we will see."

One of Highmore"s other notable TV roles, Norman Bates onBates Motel, will also be celebrating the 10th anniversary of its premiere next March.

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"That"s mad," he reacted. "It’s funny for me as well thinking of Bates Motel coming up khổng lồ a milestone because I’ve been,in combination with Bates Motel and The Good Doctor both filming in Vancouver, this is now my 11th year in a row filming something in total. So in some ways, they bởi vì feel lượt thích they merged into one in terms of location. & yeah, it was such a wonderful show to lớn work on và I’m still in cảm ứng with many people from that."

The Good Doctorairs Mondays at 10 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.


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