So last night I was awake và just couldn’t fall asleep. Instead I decided to lớn get on here & cruise through some blogs. Eventually, I found myself looking through blogs talking about dramas. I thought you know what it’s been about a minute since I’ve watch one.

Immediately I went on Dramafever. Searched for some highly rated romance ones. It was then that I stumbled on Let’s Fight Ghost. It’s one that was somewhat on my radar because I lượt thích things with supernatural elements. However, there wasn’t anybody that I knew or anybody that I followed that ever kept up with that show meaning I would be going into it a bit blind. I was kinda trepidatious about it.

Well luckily the first thing I can say is that I should not have been. So far I have only seen the first two episodes.

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Bur what I can say is that from the start I had a smile on my face that only got bigger as the show went along.